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Rhymefest Speaks On Diabetes Scare

| June 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

This weekend, a rep for Rhymefest took to his Twitter to announce the rapper/activist almost fell into a diabetic coma after not knowing he’d had the disease for many years. Today he cleared up the incident on his Twitter and announced that he’s feeling much better:

I’m back y’all, thanks 4the prayers and well wishers. I got released from the hospital over the weekend. diabetes is manageable so I’m good. Got a new diet, work out plan and lease on life. Gotta get off this insulin. Thanks to my close homies and family for helping me organise my new life style. No more pepsi hotchips and laffy taffys. And thanks to everyone who tweeted me a get well soon. Now back to the lab. Now that my sugar is down I feel much better I was operating on overdrive for years and had no idea. Now I understand a little of what Phife Dog is going thru. Off to the gym now peace.

Rhymefest Rushed To Hospital After Diabetes Scare

| June 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

Late last night, a Rhymefest associate took to his Twitter account to announce that ‘Fest had been rushed to the emergency room at risk of falling into a diabetic coma after his sugar levels were 739 (normal levels are around 80).  Apparently, the Chicago emcee/activist had the disease for years and had no idea.  Scary stuff.

On thurs june 2, Che Rhymefest Smith was admitted into the ER at risk of Diabetic Coma his sugar levels were 739 normal being 80. Rhymefest has since been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is awaiting release from the hospital. Rhymefest apparently had the disease for years and never knew it. This is his twitter account, he will continue tweeting from after his release. thank you

Rumor has it ‘Fest was released from the hospital minutes ago, so check back for more details.

Lil B Disses Rhymefest

| June 1, 2011 | 8 Comments

In what could be labeled the most random (or ridiculous) hip-hop beef ever, Lil B took to CNN Radio last night to treat ‘Fest after El Che made a few questionable comments about B on Twitter. This can’t be life.

Will ‘Fest respond, or is it a bad look for an aspiring politician to jump in a battle? My opinion: Not in Chicago.

CNN: You’re big Twitter fan, and recently rapper Rhymefest tweeted that after he spoke to California artist Xzibit and listened to your music, his response was, “Homeboy needed a dad in his life.”

Lil B: I’m going to say, who is Rhymefest? So he needs to work on promoting and marketing himself, because I don’t know him. But what I feel about his comment is that it’s true, I needed a father figure in my life, but I’m not complaining about that. What do you mean, I need that? Tell Rhymefest I’m very happy. Tell Rhymefest I actually wake up and I’m happy, and I’m positive and I love people. Ask Rhymefest, does he feel the same way?


Video: Rhymefest To Challenge Election Results?

| April 7, 2011 | 5 Comments

Losing an election by only 300 votes is a tough pill to swallow.  Especially when some of those votes allegedly came from vacant lots.  Che “Rhymefest” Smith announced that the fat lady has yet to sing, and she won’t begin to belt until every vote is accounted for.  I have to agree – 300 is too close for comfort.  I don’t think this thing is over yet.


Previously: Rhymefest Loses Alderman Bid

Rhymefest Loses Alderman Bid

| April 6, 2011 | 10 Comments

Unfortunately, Rhymefest’s quest to make a difference in his community was cut short last night after losing a close run-off to Willie Cochran for Alderman of the 20th Ward of Chicago.  The margin in this race was much closer than in the general election, and many thought ‘Fest would squeek by.  However, in the 9th inning, Cochran received the support of newly-elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel, which didn’t help matters.

With 84 percent of precincts in, Cochran had 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent for Smith, a Grammy-winning rap artist.

Earlier tonight, Smith’s election night party was underway with hip hop music blasting from large speakers when the candidate arrived. A small group of mostly young people followed his mist green Cadillac.

Holding his grandmother on one arm and his wife on the other, Smith said he felt a lot of energy at the polls.

“It’s not about me winning or losing, it’s about hope,” Smith said. “Eleven and 12 year old children ask me ‘can you stop the gang banging?’ I say ‘you have to help too.’ ”

“People want little things like a quizno’s or subway in the neighborhood. They want somewhere to get a sandwich on 63rd,” he said.

When asked what he will do once the votes are counted tonight, Smith quipped, “I’m going home and hug on my wife.”


I thought it was bullshit how Cochran and his counterparts slandered Che, claiming he was a “Gangster” rapper, and concentrated more on his rap sheet than his actual rap lyrics.  Say what you want about ‘Fest, but he’s never been a “Gangster” or “Street” rapper in any sense of the word.  Typical mudslinging, but it’s a dirty game out there.  Congrats to Che for running a tight race and never giving up.

Rhymefest x Killer Mike – Super Guy

| December 28, 2010 | 5 Comments

Here’s a joint of unknown origin from Rhymefest and one of my favorite emcees, Killer Mike.  I’m not exactly sure when or where this joint was recorded (or for what project), but I’m guessing it was long before Fest’s bid for rapping Alderman.  Mike and Che trade bars while playing the roles of their favorite superheroes, and tossing around some slurs and slanders throughout.  It’s a super track.

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Rhymefest x Killer Mike – Super Guy

Video: Rhymefest Talks Alderman Bid w/ NBC Chicago

| October 22, 2010 | 3 Comments

‘Fest has been getting a ton of press since announcing his bid for 20th Ward Alderman. He even had a front page headline on today’s Red Eye. Has an Alderman EVER gotten this much press?

“Music aside, anything else other than this community aside, it’s time to take responsibility,” Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith said. “What we need to do is figure out how to bring people from the ivory towers to the small towns.”

Thanks to Marcus Riley @ NBC

Rhymefest Officially Announces Candidacy For Alderman

| October 21, 2010 | 5 Comments

Che “Rhymefest” Smith (how you can refer to him these days, okay!) released an announcement video a few days ago, but today he made it official – he’s running for 20th Ward Alderman. 

via Chicago Breaking News

The 20th Ward includes the Woodlawn, Englewood and Back of the Yards neighborhoods. Ald. Willie Cochran is seeking re-election there.

Smith said his vision for the ward includes an engaged community in which small business owners would be able to expand, youth would find productive ways to fill their time and elders would be sought out for their wisdom.

“The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented,” Smith said. “It just has to be reinstated.”

For too long, the community has struggled, he said.

“Our businesses don’t need to just survive,” he said. “They need to thrive.”

Smith said he will use hip hop as a tool and call on the likes of Kanye West and Common to support his message — even if it means asking then to open up businesses in the neighborhood.

“It shouldn’t be hard here to help people,” said Smith, who won a Grammy for co-writing West’s “Jesus Walks.”

Smith’s announcement was preceded a few days ago by a YouTube video that hinted of his run. On Thursday, Smith was surrounded by community residents and his family, including his grandmother and 12-year-old son, Solomon, and 2-year-old daughter, Amirah.

“We are the 20th Ward,” Smith said.

What does this mean for the BLX (‘Fest, Mikkey, Juice & Twone Gabz) project these guys have been hard at work on?

Video: Rhymefest Running For 20th Ward Alderman

| October 18, 2010 | 7 Comments

I’d heard rumblings about this a few months ago, but I wasn’t sure how accurate it was.  Well, it turns out Rhymefest IS running for 20th Ward Alderman here in Chicago.  Does this mean he’s hanging up the mic?  I’m not sure, but it does appear he’s taking strides to improve conditions in his Ward, which you have to honor. 

The 20th Ward serves Woodlawn, Park Manor, Washington Park, Englewood, New City, and Back of the Yards and this Thursday, ‘Fest is holding his first campaign rally.  If you’re interested in attending, it’s being held October 21st at 10:30am at Exclusively Yours Auto Spa on 5820 S. State Street.

Video: Rhymefest – Mermaid

| September 21, 2010 | 2 Comments

Directed by – Bryan Carr & Francis Kmiecik