How Nas Combats Forgetting His Lyrics

Andrew Barber

Have you ever been to a Nasir concert and noticed mid-song that the Little Homie has forgotten his lyrics?  Just an awkward silence between bars?  I’ve witnessed this no less than 8 times – usually during that last verse of “One Mic” (hey, that is a tricky one!).  I usually just chalk it up to that green-tongue  and the deep catalog of his.  And hey, Nas is a legend so he usually gets a pass from me.  

The good news?  Well, God’s Son has found a way to combat this issue – and that’s by reading his lyrics off his iPhone.  Hey, Distant Relatives is still fresh, so how could you expect him to remember 13 new verses?  I thought this was America, people!

The fans at his University of Chicago show with Damian Marley last night took to Twitter to break the news:

Problem solved.  Who says Hip-Hop is dead?


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  • Jonay

    yeah he said hip hop was dead and look what he’s trying to pull off….. LMAO

  • Kyle

    Eh, give the man a break. Remember this is the guy who WROTE some of the most classic SONGS we’ve ever hear. He literally forgot better shit than we could think of. Lol….. one love

  • mikeflo Of The RBG Family


  • Silence

    what or how in any way is this related to chicago music?

  • ZOltar

    It happened in Chicago. Geographicaly that makes it about chicago

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