Twista Documentary Set To Begin Filming In June

Andrew Barber

NYC-based company Vladar is headed to Chicago in June to begin filming a 90 minute documentary on legendary Chicago emcee Twista.

The documentary which focuses on Twista’s career, impact on the community and contributions to hip-hop and will accompany his new album, due out in November. The documentary will be available with the album and will also run on various TV and VOD extensions.

The filmmakers will accompany Twista to his old West Side stomping grounds and explore how the neighborhoods have changed during his 20-year career.

“We’re going to focus a lot on the violence in Chicago and how music and culture affects the community, and touch on the Obama name as well,” Mejia says.

Vladar is hiring all local crew for the two-week Chicago leg of the shoot. “We know there’s a lot of talent in Chicago. We want to learn more about it and have a presence there for our future productions,” Mejia says.

The production will also shoot in New York and L.A., and at a Twista show in Minneapolis. Along with Twista, they plan interviews with artists including Kanye West, R. Kelly, Common, Akon and Swizz Beatz, as well as local officials like Congressman Danny Davis and other community leaders.

I’m very  much looking forward to this project.  It’s a story that needs to be told, seen and heard.

via ReelChicago


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  • Lil’ Nello

    That’s a real good look for T & the city as a whole. Can’t wait for this & I agree it’s a story that really needs to be told.

  • Zemz

    Too bad he didn’t use a local or filmmaker or production company. Hmmm

  • Ed

    Too bad the album will be delayed a year like he always does

  • Jeff

    Any idea how to get a hold of someone at Vladar to put my name in the mix for location sound man for these shoots?

  • ZOltar

    Yes if you want to be a sound man we have a few specifications

    A You must speak fluent albanian
    B when you hold the boom pole you must wear a sleeveless vneck shirt with plenty of ant-ipersperant
    C you must be able to do sound fx work with your mouth while we are filming. For example when we got to the westside you must make gunshot noises to make it look like we are keeping it real. Also when women walk by you must make moaning noises. Also you must make a cash register noise when we make it rain. Also we will need you to be able to roll a swisher while holding the boom pole.

    If you meet these qualifications email

  • Jeff


    So basically you’re looking for Michael Winslow from the Police Academy movies to provide sound effects while booming. Unfortunately I don’t think I can fit that role. But I can certainly hold the boom while hitting a bong. No luck on the Albanian either but would broken Spanish suffice? And lastly I prefer to work without a shirt on so if it’s all the same to you I’ll skip the sleeveless v-neck altogether. There will be an abundance of deodorant and antiperspirant though, I mean we are civilized right?


  • ZOltar

    Jeff if you are willing to start now on Rosetta Stone Albanian you are the man for the Job. But you will need to work with no shirt and no pants and open toed shoes with an upside down visor.

    Yeshkamesh izen Frhaut

  • maggie

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  • BigRick Of G.M.G

    That’s a great very great look for chicago the westside and t what’s up with all the hate please help me understand I’m one his artist and I been down with GMG and T since day one he do a lot for chicago I guess some ppll and artist expect a handout from tha big homie but you have to grind to shine and get respect your opportunity will come if you stay at it and put 200% in it I never asked or looked for a handout I took the knowledge he gave and ran wit it made opportunites 4 myself and that’s what a label a&r or established artist wanna see everybody spit but what your grind like I salute my CEO and bog homie Twista

  • chibaby

    boy twista is a fraud period….ask anybody out west or south with respect in the city real recognize real and hes not

  • the REEL chibaby

    please do noT use my name or email address you all are the frauds! and we all know whos commenting. THE HATERS OF CHICAGO!!!

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