Video: Chip Tha Ripper Talks ‘Gift Raps’ With Chuck Inglish

Andrew Barber

You can now officially dead any speculation; the Chuck & Chip collaboration project Gift Raps is happening.   And it will be coming out sooner than you think.

Last week, Chuck tweeted that he and Chip had recorded the whole album in a 6 day span, and it sounded like “the future coming out of the trunk”.  After Chuck’s claim, I was curious to hear what they’d created, because when Chuck makes statements such as these, he backs it up in spades.   Dead serious.

Mr. Inglish and Kev from SLAB ENT (the company that handles all of Chip’s biz) insisted that I drop by The Blender (their Chicago recording heaquarters and homebase of the Blended Babies) to hear the goods, so of course I obliged. 

This past Friday night, I slid through The Blender to hear the 10 tracks, 8 of which are completed, and I can assure you it’s nothing less than excellent.  There’s a smooth vibe, a summertime feel and an incredible chemistry between these two.  Chuck handles the production on every song, with exception to one that was co-produced by the Blended Babies.  Chip handles all of the microphone duties, besides a couple verses from the Cool Kids and a hook or two from singer, Tenille. 

The concept and marketing plan for the project is cutting edge, and the album won’t be serviced as a mixtape or given away for free.  You’ll have to cop on iTunes or Amazon or buy that hard copy at various outlets (just like the good old days).  Straight indie and out of the trunk. 

Long story short…keep an open eye for Gift Raps.  It’s truly a present. 

Previously: Skooda Chose feat. Chip Tha Ripper – Polo Rugby (Prod. by Chick Inglish)

Chip also just released a string of tour dates to coincide with Gift Raps release:


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  • Anon

    If Its a gift rap shouldn’t it be free?

  • Mc fuck u

    who cares

  • YBR

    “Keep it comin we needz dat, Cleveland Show waz kool but n*gga now we need dem Geeiift Rapz” haha

  • FSD Police 2

    what did that puppet do with Chip tha ripper?

  • FSD Police

    Boo! I don’t believe a word that nigga Chuck gotta say. The future coming outta your trunk, the fuck outta here with that bullshit! Niggas still waiting on that “fish can schwinn” album. And if it took you six days to put it together, it must be boo, give a fuck what Drew says otherwise. Matter of fact, fuck Cleveland, the show, the city, and the rapper tryna eat off the cartoon and coo kid fame. Yeah, FSDPD backs me up on that one.

  • Fuck The Police(FSD’s)

    Man why people ridin on The Cool Kids because they havent released their album yet? legal issues ain’t shit they can just put to the side. Fuck ya’ll. When tacklebox drops i bet every single person hatin on em is gonna download that shit. TCK aka Chuck & Mike killin it big time right now. Oh and Chip is a Beast. THat dude can make an album in a day and that shit would sound better than half of these other rappers out right now.

  • Dtownknight

    The Cleveland Show was better than most albums in that year and that was a mixtape. People underestimate Chip, as long as he hasn’t released the best of his career on mixtapes this album will be classic in the closest since we can get to the word in this age.

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