Alderman, Congress Theater Under Fire For “Chief Keef” Show

Andrew Barber

Meet the 2012 scapegoat for everything: Chief Keef. Your buzz as a rapper is dwindling? Blame Chief Keef. An old lady gets robbed? It was probably Chief Keef. A fight breaks out at a concert? Yep, you guessed it — Chief Keef. The 16-year-old rapper is also likely responsible for the scud dud that flopped and popped over North Korea earlier in the week.

So it’s no surprise that when the Meek Mill-headlined show at the Congress Theater on Friday night was shut down, it was Chief Keef who was to blame. Mind you, Keef was just an opener — along with about five other acts.

Says Chicago Pipeline:

An altercation that began inside of the Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave., during an opener act at last night’s Meek Mill rap show and ended in front of the venue brought over 20 police officers, one alderman, a district police commander and the fire department to the scene. No arrests were made…

…Joining the numerous officers and an estimated 100 patrons who were hoping to either get back into the venue or get a refund was First Ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno, accompanied by two community security workers that Moreno had hired out of his own pocket, due to concerns about the background of one of the evening’s artists, Chief Keef, who wears an electronic monitoring bracelet and had been granted permission by a judge to perform. This news of the additional workers had been shared earlier that night by Ronda Locke, 1st Ward Director of Community Outreach, who’d posted a message to the 1st Ward Community on the GGNA message board.

The article goes on to describe the events surrounding the night, and how both the alderman and Congress Theater are under fire for hosting rap shows, and poor security (It didn’t help that Bassnectar, an electronic group, sold out the venue two nights in a row with now issues). I’ve spoken to people who attended the show, and was told that Keef and his entourage arrived quietly and left the same way. Of course, storied Chicago music scribe Jim DeRogatis (who notoriously hates “vulgar” rap music) weighed in on the issue, and took potshots at “Chief Keef Sossa.”

I had a feeling this show would draw negative attention, and knew with Keef being involved, he was sure to be the fall guy. These things happen at rap shows  —  and it’s very unfortunate. But best believe that I’ve seen fights and near riots break out at Mos Def and MF DOOM shows in the past, and they received no such attention in their wake. Not to mention some got shot at Drake’s first Chicago show.

UPDATE: The plot thickens. The owner of the Congress Theater responds, and issues an open letter to Logan Square saying the Alderman hired personal, untrained security; and sent out an email prior to the show warning of Chief Keef:

Logan Square Community-

On Friday, local neighbors probably looked out their windows and saw something
that looked pretty scary, with all the lights, police, fire department, street
closure, and crowded streets. I would like to be clear on the specifics of what
happened so that the community is not alarmed. Friday night we hosted an urban
Hip Hop show, it was very small we were only at 28% capacity. There was a
scuffle inside the venue between patrons, and congress security quickly removed
the individuals from the venue. These types of scuffles are common at concert
venues across the country. Our staff is trained to recognize them, diffuse the
problem, and get the individuals out of the building in a safe manner. Friday
night was different, because there was “additional security” paid by the
Alderman himself, who reacted poorly and prematurely. This happened due to their
inexperience and lack of training in handling these types of situations, (which
is why we have consistently stated we don’t need their “volunteer” paid
service). The Alderman’s security called the police AND the Alderman himself to
hurry over to the venue. Somehow, (still unknown to Congress) upon the arrival
of the Alderman and an exaggerated number of police larger than we’ve ever seen,
arrived along with the fire department. The street was shut down, paid ticket
holders were not let inside while the fire department had to perform their task
of investigating the venue under the allegation it was over capacity. Congress
was only at 28% capacity, it felt like an empty theater. The fire department
agreed and let the concert continue.

Our theater had a great security presence that night, 40 well trained and very
strict security in total, many including off duty Chicago Police. They are
trained to handle shows 3-4 times that size, and last night’s show was only at
29% capacity (relatively small by concert standards). The Alderman either
didn’t believe in our security work, or thought it wasn’t enough, because he
notified the public prior to the concert he would be hiring 2 untrained and
inexperienced security guards (paid for out his own pocket) , and this would
keep the neighborhood safe. This WARNING email was sent out in regards to one
of the musicians, a Chicago minor who is under house arrest at his
Grandmother’s home on the south side. The email gave the image that he, his
music, or the crowd he brings is dangerous. This kid has not been charged as
guilty, it is a pending legal matter. We have a system in our country that says
a person is innocent until proven guilty. This WARNING email sent out to the
community is NOT a good reflection our countries political system. Instead the
email evoked fear and concern to the neighborhood, and branded the concert as
potentially dangerous due to the type of music, toy guns, foul language (none
different than what I’ve heard used on the alderman and now on video) the crowd
it brings, and a pending legal matter that has yet to be resolved. I understand
that not everybody likes or understands rap music, nor do they have to. Music
is a freedom of expression and this local Chicago kid’s music is becoming
recognized all through the music community. A judge who works for our US legal
system granted this kid permission to come and perform, the judge didn’t think
the artist was a threat to the community, so why did the Alderman?

Untrained security working in or around The Congress Theater is a BAD idea,
whether they are paid or volunteer. Their poor decision to phone the police
massively disturbed the concert, made patrons angry, woke up neighbors, offended
reporters, blocked traffic, started rumors about shootings, caused the promoter
to lose money and the ticketing agent to offer refunds to those who couldn’t get
inside, made the neighborhood look dangerous, finally further damaged the
reputation of a kid whose case has yet to have been decided, and finally adds to
more negative press for congress theater.

This is mad behavior and it needs to stop. It does not matter whether Friday’s
sequence of events was racially inspired or part of a personal vendetta against
Congress. This has gone too far. We are good for the community, we bring in a
lot of business, we give back to our neighbors, we donate space for the farmers
market, we give to charities. Any accusations, racially driven or false rumors
leave people to believe both Congress and the neighborhood are dangerous. We
work hard to build our image and others appear to be working entirely to destroy


Eddie Carranza
Owner- The Congress Theate


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  • ALawrence

    Wow and the hype machine is at it again. I wonder how much FSD has to gain with the success of CK and King Louie. They attempt to spin these articles and force feed us who to like while ignoring the real talent in the city. LOST CREDIBILITY

  • Lady Balla

    ^^^ Co sign. Who gives half a shit about the mentally disabled Chief Keef?

  • Charlie Breeze

    ^^^^ So Chief Keef is the only artist that get posts on Fakeshore huh? Cause that’s how you two cry baby muhfuckas make it seem! If you don’t like Chief Keef’s music just don’t listen to it!!!! Its just that simple! I’m not a fan of Chief Keef’s music like that neither but he’s working building up a crazy buzz, dropping tracks on the daily! Y’all can’t be mad at Drew for posting the artists that’s buzzing bringing some kinda nationwide spotlight to this city regardless of who like them or not. You two muhfuckas above me need to tell whoever artists y’all cool with to step their grind up and maybe they can get some blog love too and maybe open up for some real industry artists!

  • $kinny Mac

    Man, ya’ll mogs are hatting too hard. Were either one of you at the show? This kid is a talented individual, buzzin’ hard, working with the industries finest only at 16! Why not applaud his achievements instead of talkin that sh**

    Hating cuz ya’ll couldn’t break through in da biz..

    Can’t a young nigga get money anymore!?

    • Django

      You are, sir, are a fucking idiot.

  • Liza

    That’s awesome that the owner of the theatre spoke out. Hopefully this letter clears up that situation and prevents any further unnecessary interference from the alderman. Good for him for defending himself.

  • ALawrence

    What the fuck are skinny Mac and breeze talking bout. No ones hating on them dudes doing they thing. It has nothing to do with them as artists. I actually like CK’s music. This is about FSD constantly posting the smallest things about them to keep up the hype(nothing wrong with it, it’s their site) but IGNORING other talented artists from the city. Charlie need to get that nigga dick out ya mouth and open ur eyes. If u deliberately ignore talented artists from our city and only posting the cats in ur clique, ur not doing the city justice. More harm than good. U lose credibility if u have financial motives behind posting instead of doing it for the honest desire to break talent artists from the city. Wake the fuck up

  • #OnMyMomma

    I’ve discovered FSD 2 years ago cause i just copped a laptop 2 years ago right, so by me having a label and being BORN x RASIED on the southside of CHICAGO it was only a matter of time before i was going to run across FSD anyway right, now i have NOT once came on here to talk shit about any artist especially from da crib right, it’s defly alotta weak ass shit dat postd on this blog but FSD is just da messenger man. With dat being said this is THE WEAKEST SHIT I DONE READ OML #thatisALL oh yeah ITSBIGBITCHGITUSETOIT !!!!!!!

  • $kinny Mac

    Force feed us who to like? Are you that submissive to media that you cannot choose who to like for yourself?

    Create your own blog with all that you wish it to be. Godspeed.



  • ALawrence

    Looks like Mac searching hahahahahahahah. Nigga u said we was hatin I guess u feel stupid that we’re not. Force feed means not accepting what ur giving, though u keep trying. I blame the public schooling system fam smh. U have no choice but to initially trust media outlets that claim to be authentic. Especially when they were built in the underground by and for the real lovers of chicago underground hip hop/rap. Not all can be trusted but that’s a choice each individual makes on their own. I check this site like twice maybe every 6months and it’s easy to see it can’t be trusted 100 cause their motives are financially driven

  • Iwasthere

    Iwas there and there WAS a shooting.. everyone scatterd cops came, and all that ambulance took sombody. and mldz and cobras or it might of been kings were going at it inside the venue.

    • TheRealJohnDoe

      Quit lyin bitch wasn’t no shooting …..u da goofy sittin at home or scary ass nigga runnin when us body dey shooting…beat it clown

      • Iwasthere

        says the nigga that was prolly inside when it happend.smh. it might of not been reported, but it did happen.

    • TheRealJohnDoe

      Quit lyin bitch wasn’t no shooting …..u da goofy sittin at home…beat it clown


    50 people on stage while a artist perform is so corny step ya stage game up I would never pay to see this fuckery

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Damn, is Chief Keef the new Bump J? Of course I’m talkin buzz wise?

    • LOL

      slap your damn self for EVER trying to compare this crusty, piece of shit to the CHIEF.. in any way, shape or form. If the chief was out, he’d put an end to this bullshit.

  • Dre

    Chief Keef,King Louie, n Lil Durk all laughing at all this. They are going to be much more paid than anyone in the Congress neighborhood of Logan Square and likely a large portion of Chicago. Not at all to blame



  • Pig Dick Jones

    Point Blank if you ain’t paying Andrew bitch ass or fuckin him raw while singing Sting and The Police song “Every Breathe You Take” you are not getting on FSD, which stand for “Faggots Sucking Dick”.. #JoneS!!

  • Phill

    Owner of Congress Theater had a great response to that angry and ignorant alderman.

    **It also should be considered that one of the worst and most publicized crimes that happened at congress recently, happened at an electronic show, not a rap or hip hop show.

    • Lowkey

      preach! Dont demonized us… and show a blind eye to the other shit. Alderman

  • DeAndre

    first of all that fight that broke out were 2 mexican gangs which chief keef had non 2 do with and they didnt cancel the concert i stayed 4 da entire show .

  • Fickle Folks

    Fuck it I’ll jus say it since yall aint. You mothafuckas ain’t notice how all our city’s “Hottest Acts” aka “The Adrianna’s Talent Showcase” combined with Meek Mill only filled THE CONGRESS to 29% capacity?

  • Honestly Honest

    was the audience also on the stage?

  • Honestly Honest

    has logan square totally changed that a commotion like that is alarming to them?

  • dip

    “Fickle Folks says:
    April 16, 2012 at 7:59 am
    Fuck it I’ll jus say it since yall aint. You mothafuckas ain’t notice how all our city’s “Hottest Acts” aka “The Adrianna’s Talent Showcase” combined with Meek Mill only filled THE CONGRESS to 29% capacity?

    you don’t think this has anything to do with the police turning people away at the door for a full hour?

  • Fickle Folks

    I don’t think so. I was there. A paying fan. No huge crowds outside. There WERE 300 ppl on stage that I’m sure didn’t pay but I doubt that would change the percentage too drastically.

  • dip

    you really think meek mill alone can’t pull more than 1500 people in Chicago?

  • Fickle Folks

    I’m sure he can. And on that day he got close. 29% of 3500 is about 1015 people. My point was, how did our “HOTTEST” acts not pack that place? I’ve seen acts like Rockie Fresh pack 600 ppl venues by himself. Techno & Rock acts have sold Congress out. Was this attributed to the promoter? Or…..

  • Bitchassness

    Again with all the Andy Barber this and Andy Barber that… CK is what is hot right now in Chicago. If he steps out of his house and the ankle bracelet goes off, we wanna hear about it. The damn alderman mentioned him! Do half of you goofies even know what an Alderman is?

    FSD is a website with content, if you want to cry about the content, go elsewhere. I know for a fact that 98% of the music submitted on this site that doesn’t make it is GARBAGE. Time to be real serious with yourself for a moment… If you can’t get anyone to listen to your music, and no one is posting it, it probably sucks. Just a little hint, everybody and their momma is a rapper and “has a label.” Go work on your GEDs and hit up a community college.

  • roger ferrero

    2pac eats the ass

  • Alisa

    There was no shooting. There was a rumor, but that’s all it was, a rumor.

    Liza, I wish you were right. That letter from owner of theater just helped to spread awareness of the unfortunate event where there were no winners that night. The fans, the promoters, the theater, the taxpayers who funded the large number of officer who came out, everyone lost (with the exception of Chief Keef, whom, per his promoter was out of there by 10:30PM after his set and went back to his grandmother’s house).

    And the alderman looked like an idiot- verbally insulting a reporter (me) for being there. “You’re a low level blogger, not a real journalist, I’m not talking to you” he said.

    If he didn’t have anything to hide, he wouldn’t care if I were there.

  • Jess

    Ummmm…I was FRONT row at the concert. There was a fight that broke out during @buttadaprince’s performance (stupid people being stupid) and it was diffused rather quickly but I can’t recall an issue during Chief Keef’s performance. This is all just to damn sad that the city seemingly wants to make an example out of Keef….that’s so weak. It’s not my business of why Keef is in legal troubles. The judge allowed him to perform there and he shouldn’t have been considered dangerous.

    If nothing at all, Chief Keef should pursue legal action for slander or defamation (sp.) of character if at all possible.

  • Big fan of the Chicago

    if you are a artist producer dj etc anything with entertainment and you are Chicago resident you need to look at big picture before you make these hateful comments or selfish statements towards one of your neighbors from the city that didn’t ask to be the face of Chicago right now but happens to be anyways. However he is Chicago spot lite at moment rite now and needs to be supported as city for label purposes to be leave that Chicago does have music industry. ps just think about it what if it was you?

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