FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight – Chris Crack

Andrew Barber


FSD: Do you see limitations?

Chris: TMTHY TRTL told me they don’t exist.

FSD: Who are some of the artists that inspired you?

Chris: Project Mayhem, mostly. I’m the last member of the group they ain’t know that, though. Max B, The Lox, Jimi Hendrix, Lil B.

FSD: Does it help or hurt to be compared to another artist?

Chris: I don’t think ANYBODY should be compared. Nobody is the same.

FSD: What’s the #1 snack to grab after firing up?

Chris: Haribo gummy bears in the gold pack. Them dollar BBQ 7/11 bags of chips. Or of course, donuts.

FSD:What was the secondary plan if music wasn’t working out?

Chris: I’m a join the Eat A Booty Gang.

FSD: Worst job you ever had?

Chris: Worst job ever was working at Red Hen Bread, where we had to put on fake smiles — my face would hurt at the end of the day — and kiss the bosses ass cause she had insecurity issues.

FSD: If 2% is milk what’s the other 98?

Chris: Sad boy tears

FSD: Any last words?

Chris: Shout out Barber, thats my brother.

Love to my Higher Learning Drip Gang homies: Roy [French], Jinx & Black Ralphy’L. Them young n***** keep me motivated. Thank y’all for this. New Deal Crew loves you.


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  • Jinx the natural

    Do yall hate me? lol

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