December 2011


The FSD NYE Post

The FSD NYE Post. We started this tradition last year as a way to say thank you to all of the readers and aspiring artists in the city. The concept is simple: for one day, we’re giving every Chicago emcee the opportunity to have their music featured on the site–in this round-up style post.

I announced this yesterday on both Twitter and Facebook, so if you missed it, you should look in to following both (perks!). So check out some new talent below. The good news is that a handful of artists we posted last year have now entered current rotation on the site.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for your continued support of FSD in 2011. Here’s to hoping we can top what we did this year in 2012. Be safe out there tonight.


Seel Fresh – Curtis Mayfield (SF?)

M.i f/ Mikkey Halsted – Take A Loss

Lungz – Memories (Prod By FX)

Mike Nitty- Last Dollar On A Dream

Akeem Tariq & Larry LaMar- The Breakup

Levar Leflore – Lavender

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Andrew Barber 53


FSD 2011 Writers Poll

2011 was an interesting year for Chicago hip-hop. Our biggest stars (sans Twista) dropped albums, with Kanye, Common and Lupe all scanning major label barcodes; while next up acts like L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Freddie Gibbs continued their respective paths towards mainstream success. Up and comers like Rockie Fresh, Kids These Days, YP & King Louie blazed trails, and have successfully set the tone for the new generation in 2012. But this is only a small portion of a larger story.

Dozens of local acts made waves in the last calender year, with thousands of songs and hundreds of mixtapes hitting the internets. It would be a huge disservice to our readers not to take a look back and give you guys some critical analysis, correct?

We haven’t done any year end coverage since 2008, so we return in a major way with our 2011 Writers Poll. FSD contributors TY KiDD, JSeyf, Pwelbs and Andrew Barber, have collaborated to bring you our individual 15 favorite Chicago rap tracks of the last 365. We all have different tastes, so these individual lists will give you a firsthand look into what we were feeling this year. Well rounded? We like to think so.

So clear your schedule for the day, and read about our favorites below.

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Andrew Barber 10


Mixtape: Bump J x DJ V-Dub – How I Got Signed (No Payola Version)

A special NYE gift from DJ V-Dub & the Chief Bump J.

V-Dub was one of the first DJ’s in Chicago to embrace Bump and the Goon Squad during their triumphant journey to the top in the mid-aughts. During this time, V-Dub spun an astonishing amount of Bump freestyles and exclusives–many of which were never released–that he’s compiled for this mixtape.

20 new tracks and exclusives. A must download for any Bump fan. Download and stream below, plus check out some new pics of Bump behind the walls. All hail the Chief!


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Andrew Barber 8