Exclusive: Young Chop Speaks On Warner Bros. Deal

| April 11, 2012 | 18 Comments

FSD: So is this for Warner Bros. artists only?

Young Chop: It’s somewhat like that.

FSD: I see you also just did an ASCAP (publishing) deal as well?

Young Chop: Yeah, I was actually on BMI before that, but I took everything over to ASCAP. So I’m over at ASCAP now.

FSD: So what about the pics that popped up on the internet of you in the lab with No I.D., Big Sean and Common. What’s going on there?

Young Chop: I can’t talk about that too much, or give out too many details, but I am working with Big Sean. We’ve got some things coming [Laughs]. You’ll just have to wait and see.

FSD: Common as well?

Young Chop: Nah, not yet. He was just in the studio with us. He was in there vibin’.

FSD: So you’re in LA right now. Are you making the move out there full-time?

Young Chop: Yeah, I think I’m moving to LA full-time. You know, this is where my job is at now. That’s where everything happens, so I gotta be in LA.

FSD: What projects are you working on in the immediate future?

Young Chop: I can’t say too much right now, but I’m just working on securing more major label placements. I’m still Chief Keef’s producer, so we’re gonna be doing some new stuff here soon. And the rest of my guys back in Chicago. I really like Chris Mille right now. Chris Mille has a certain swag that I like right now, and I know that if I get in the studio with him, I can get a banger out of him. I definitely wanna work with Lil Durk and Lil Reese as well.

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  1. Pig Dick Jones says:

    Proud of the lil chubby nigga…

  2. thatgirlisgood says:

    Dopeness in full effect……Congrats!!

  3. L Speaks says:

    That’s a good look for the young brotha! I wish him more success! :-)

  4. nice says:

    Thats dope. Sincere congrats to all these young chicago cats. Sometimes I think alot of these dudes can’t rhyme for shit, but i can respect their movement.

  5. snapbackondatrack says:

    good shit fool u know im in yo ass now!!!

  6. LOVE says:

    Gotta respect that. I’m happy for the young man.

  7. ChiCityColdCity says:

    “Im the first one to make it out.” Truly blessed, thats crazy. That happened fast!! The internet has completely changed everything.

  8. Voyce G.I. Go says:

    Very dope shit fo Chop and the land!!!!!

  9. congrats joe. young niggas gettin it

  10. Blanco Caine says:

    Congrats Boi I knew from the 1st time I heard one of foo beats… He had it!!! Now the world will see it ain’t a betta feeling

  11. Great interview. Congrats are in order for Chop.

  12. k.i.d says:


  13. Cynthia Hill says:

    Hey Chop: Do your thing but don’t forget God while you do you.

  14. Chicago2012 says:

    …Very nice to see someone from Chicago get on. Congratulations, Young Chop, and keep doing your thang, and don’t let those haters stop you. And thanks to you guys on F.S.D. showin’ love. Much love!!!!

  15. Coolie Fly says:

    Clap for em

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