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Chief Keef passed on being the first artist signed to Apple Music


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If I can tell you one thing about Chief Keef, it’s that he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Since the first time I met him, I knew he marched to the beat of his own drum, and wasn’t concerned with the ongoings of others, or the pressures of the industry, for that matter. It’s one of the dopest and most fascinating things about him — despite it being frustrating in many instances. Money has been left on the table, and opportunities have been curved — but Sosa doesn’t care. He does him at all times, and has been very successful in doing so. That’s why you gotta trust his judgement.

Today, XXL dropped a very dope and insightful interview with Keef, where he discusses his career over the past few years, and announces that his long-awaited R&B-influenced Thot Breaker album will be out June 9th. In the piece, Keef revealed that after he left Interscope Records, Larry Jackson, the man who signed him to his former label, offered him the opportunity to be the first-ever artist to sign a deal with Apple Music — where Jackson is the head of content.

“They were talking about taking me to Apple,” he said. “This was before they did anybody with Apple Music. You know what Larry called me and said? He said, “You’re gonna be the first artist on Apple Music,” and I turned it down. Because, you know…I don’t know. I just didn’t do it.”

Jackson backed up Keef’s comments: “We had a conversation about it…” “But Keith has always been enigmatic, and I didn’t even expect him to leap at it. I didn’t feel slighted because I know he’s so enigmatic, and often times you think he’s gonna go right and he goes left.”

Wild. But this is typically the case with Sosa. Either way, he always lands on his feet, and has proven to be one of the most influential artists of this new generation. This is factual. Read the full interview here. 

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Check out Chief Keef’s new video for “Minute”

This record + video is super hot.

Sosa was to have dropped like three new projects by Valentines Day, but Sosa moves on his own timetable, so it was pretty evident those would be pushed back. Either way, we are anticipating some new Keef. He started off 2017 strong with Two Zero One Seven, so we patiently wait on the follow up. The good news is that it looks like something new is headed our way, as Sosa recently took to the streets of Miami to film the video for “Minute.”

Yeah, it’s the one where he’s pushing the lime Lambo, the car he would later be pulled over in and charged with an OUI or some such. But never mind that — the song and video is dope. Spend a few minutes with “Minute” below. You got time for that.

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Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” finally goes platinum

“Love Sosa” was an undeniable hit. One that would come to define the drill boom of 2012. A song that helped catapult Chief Sosa into the stratosphere. And perhaps the song of Sosa’s career. It spawned a million copycats and influenced a generation of rappers. And now, it’s officially platinum.

Almost five years after its initial release, the RIAA just certified the Young Chop-produced hit platinum. Now, had the new streaming metrics been around when this track was released, “Love Sosa” would likely be multi-platinum by now. But better late than never, I guess?

A big congrats to Keef and Chop and all involved in making this record, because it’s truly one of the greatest pieces of art to come out of the Chi.

Update: Keef’s “I Don’t Like” has also been certified platinum

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