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Chief Keef’s ‘Vandalism’ Tweet Leaves 3 People Homeless

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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and this one of the strangest stories of 2016 thus far. Last Friday, for reasons unknown to us, Chief Keef tweeted out the address to a random house in Minneapolis to his million-plus Twitter followers. He asked his followers to harass, and throw rocks and eggs at their house. Perhaps they “earned it” (zing!), but Keef never disclosed why he decided to air out the residents of the rental property.

Keef’s plan seemed to work, as after the tweet was sent, dozens of fans showed up at the address to tweet, take selfies and play pranks on the residence. Well, it quickly escalated and became dangerous, with the tenants having to flee the house — with nowhere to go — effectively leaving them homeless. One girl is living out of her car. The man who lives next door was subsequently robbed.

So yes, Keef can turn your block to a scene right out of 300 if he feels like it, so you might want to stay on the right side of Sosa. Word to the wise. Watch the news report below.

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Check Out 5 New Chief Keef Tracks


Seems like a good amount of Keef’s records just caught a leak. We’re unsure of the source, but five brand new, unheard Sosa joints have just trickled out. With titles like “Squidward Tentacles,” “Tats,” “Kane,” and “Blocka” these are blind listens. What most artists would call an EP, Keef just considers another day at the office. Check out all five of them under the cut.

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