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FSD Feature: Exploring The Underworld of Chief Keef’s Vast Music Leaks


Words by Katrina LaZara (@katlaz26)

In 2016, Chief Keef still has more influence than most would like to admit. The now 20-year-old skyrocketed to fame back in 2012, while he was on house arrest at his Grandmother’s house in Chicago. Keef has come a long way since his days of releasing music on YouTube, but the ride to superstardom has been rocky. Most recently, Keef’s music has been viciously leaked on the internet without consent. Alki David, Keef’s business partner, is currently suing Google, and 15 other defendants for an estimated $20 million dollars for their roles in pirating Keef’s albums, Bang 3 Pt 1, and Bang 3 Pt 2. However, as we’ve recently learned, that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

76 of Keef’s tracks have been leaked so far in 2016. Even while billionaire Alki David sues 15 of the small time YouTube account holders, it doesn’t seem to be shaking any of the diehard fans that also leak Keef’s music before an intended release.

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Chief Keef – According To My Watch [Prod. by Sonny Digital]


Last night, Sonny Digital was in Chicago, playing the Metro as part of Joey Purp’s iiiDrops release party. I’m told the crowd was pretty insane throughout the night, specifically during Sonny’s DJ set. One track that especially got the crowd hype was an unreleased Chief Keef and Sonny Digital collaboration titled “According To My Watch.” This allegedly caused pandemonium in the audience, and had fans clamoring for the actual track. The good news is that it miraculously appears tonight.

You’ll recall last year that Keef and Sonny were set to drop a collaborative mixtape titled Back From The Dead 3, which has since been shelved indefinitely. Let’s hope “According To My Watch” renews interest in the already confirmed classic.

This one goes crazy. Believe the hype below. These are two of the best doing it right now, no question about that.

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Rocko f/ Chief Keef – Fanga Banga


Produced by MP of 808 Mafia.

Rocko Da Don and Chief Keef Mozart? You already know I’m here for this. This joint comes to us from Rocko’s Wordplay 2 project, which just hit iTunes. Luckily, the good people at Mass Appeal came through with an official stream for Rocko and Keef’s MP-produced collab for those who don’t feel like loading iTunes just yet.

Check out what Rocko and Keef cooked up together below the cut.

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Chief Keef – Outerspace Glo


Chief Keef Mozart takes one of my favorite Soulja Boy tracks, “Outerspace Flow,” as his own and goes all the way in. More Keef over Hollywood J beats, ok? Ok. Check out “Outerspace Glo” below.

In Soulja Boy news, fans of the rapper should know that we’re bringing him to Chicaglo next week (Thursday, 5/19) for a show at the Double Door alongside Red Bull Sound Select. Tickets are only $3 with RSVP. 

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