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FSD Feature: Just How Popular Are Your Favorite Chicago Artists? We Consult Google

Words by Ryan Chandler (@NayrRyChi)

It goes without saying that technology has changed the world in many ways. Music, in particular, has seen several advances in the past 15 years, having shifted from physical culture to download culture to streaming culture. The shift in technology has made it easier for artists to create their own platforms and fanbases, with eliminating the long-looming middleman.

Fans can give an artist’s name a quick Google search and immediately connect to their entire catalog. Finding information on your favorite musician is literally a double click away. Good or bad, it’s also broken down the walls of regionalism, making local sounds and scenes harder and harder to distinguish. Trap in Atlanta influenced Drill in Chicago, which has spread to NYC artists who now make a blend of the two (see: Bobby Shmurda.)

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Chief Keef – Bang 3 Part 2 [Cover Art + Track List]


Pee Pee’d. Tree Tree. Charge My Car. These might be some things you casually do on the daily, but they’re also fantastic song titles from Chief Keef’s new album, Bang 3 Part 2, which drops today. At least it’s scheduled to drop today. So while we wait for it to fully upload to iTunes, Spotify and other fine digital retailers; we can check out the official cover art and track list.

Lil B is the sole feature here. So based.

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