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Vic Spencer – 24k Visuals Pt. 2

| October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments


Part deux of V-I-C’s “24K Visuals” series. The first was King Midas status, so you know he’s plucked the golden goose for the second installment. All gold everything is below. Lyricism at its finest continues.

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Vic Spencer – 24k Visuals

| October 1, 2014 | 0 Comments


Mixed by DC

Vic absolutely catches wreck over this old OC “The Crow” instrumental. Just so you know though, Jewelz is the best OC album. But back to our regularly scheduled program, Vic offers up his typical top notch shit talk here, and even boasts about wearing Carhartt to a wedding in honor of the working man. I don’t get much realer than that.

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Vic Spencer – Toxic Waste

| September 23, 2014 | 0 Comments


V-I-C turns into the toxic avenger for his latest offering, “Toxic Waste,” which he drops in celebration of his 33rd birthday. For the track, Vic takes Ras Kass’ “Ghetto Fabulous” to task, which you also might recognize from the outro of Dr. Dre’s “Been There, Done That” video. The underrated Stu-B-Doo did the beat.

So in honor of Vic’s born day, we wish him a very happy birthday, and send him a three layer e-cake. If you see him in the streets buy him a shot or a joint or something.

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Nathan Knew f/ Vic Spencer – Dope Boy Magic

| September 16, 2014 | 0 Comments


Produced by Mad Bliss

Nate Knew. Vic Spencer. This dynamic duo give us a nice new collabo named after the house Joe, Vic and Terrell built. DBM — otherwise don’t be mad. Watch the magic unfold between Nathan and V-I-C below. And enjoy this one, because it’s one of the last leaks you’re going to get from Nate for a while. Do you believe in magic? Or nah?

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Weasel Sims f/ Vic Spencer & Murf Dilly – Real N*****

| August 25, 2014 | 0 Comments


Produced by D.jbari

Another exclusive from DJ Citi & DJ Honorz The Crib mixtape, which is due out this fall. This one comes from Weasel Sims, Vic Spencer and Murf Dilly. This one is truly only for the real.

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Video: Vic Spencer & Tree Present: VicTree

| August 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

This is a commercial. Remember those? And not the terribly cheesy ones we’re forced to watch for :05 seconds before watching a YouTube video. Nah, this is better. This is Tree. And Vic Spencer. Announcing their new collabo project, VicTree. Pairing Tree and Vic is a problem — but a great problem to have. Not a flat tire type of problem.

After the dopeness that was TreeSwag with Chris Crack and the sure shot SoulMoney with Brian Fresco, this one is sure to be stellar.

Check the commercial, and a preview of an amazing sounding record in the clip above.

Vic Spencer f/ Henny B & Sulaiman – Feastmode

| July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments


Produced by DC.

The Rapping Bastard’s back at it and is planning to drop a brand new mixtape, titled Just Put This Sh*t OUT!, before releasing his Women’s Bathroom project. For the first offering from the new tape, Vic enlists the help of Henny B and partner-in-rhyme Sulaiman on “Feastmode”.

While Vic Spencer is mixing Women’s Bathroom, he orchestrated yet another mixtape ‘Just Put this Shit OUT!’ and the first single served is Feastmode that features Deadly Venom Henny B & Disappointed brother-in-rhyme Sulaiman. If you ever downloaded anything from Spencer’s soundcloud page, you will see that it says Just Put the Shit OUT! in the Album column in your Media Player(s). Now Spencer recorded and released many records this way, but he said it will be all unreleased music, rapping over rare loops from the 90s-current.

“I never call my albums “mixtapes”, Spencer says aggressively. “All of my projects are ALBUMS except for Vic Greenthumbs, that was my 1st mixtape. Now Just Put this Shit OUT! is my 2nd mixtape, which is coming soon. THIS is how you make a mixtape.”

Just Put this Shit OUT! will also feature Free, Cocky the God, Gzus Piece, Runway Bella, KeVon, Alex P. Keaton & D. Brash. All new music? Looking forward to eat.

Hit the jump and feast with Vic, Henny and Suli.

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Video: Vic Spencer – Spin Cycle

| July 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

Directed by Really Dave

“As far as I’m concerned I’m Fake Shore’s greatest”

Yikes! Strong words, strong bars and strong statements. More darts from Sir Victor, as he washes the competition with his latest release, “Spin Cycle.” Proceed with caution — that’s the best warning we can offer. Shots fired? I don’t know man, I can’t call it.

Want the Mp3? It’s below.

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New EP: Vic Spencer – Vision Pipes

| July 4, 2014 | 0 Comments


Vic Spencer never. stops. working. Talk about someone who keeps their fans satisfied by giving them a plethora of new music to vibe to. Well today, Vic joins forces with TDE-affiliated producer Rocket to give us a seven-track EP, Vision Pipes. You may remember Rocket from the now-defunct duo, D-Win & Johnny Rocket. Since then he’s packed up, headed west and began banging out beats for some of the best on the left coast. Today he brings it back home to align with Mr. Spencer on Vision Pipes. Visualize the realism below.

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Vic Spencer – She Is (Pt. 2)

| June 25, 2014 | 0 Comments


Produced by Rocket

Vic Spencer has a full length project in the works with TDE in-house producer and Chicago native, Rocket. The album is titled Vision Pipes, and is due out on the 4th of July. In honor of the release, Vic decided to cut loose this sequel to “She Is.” And yes, this is nothing but bravado bars galore. Go ‘head and get your feelings crushed below.

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