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It’s Official: The Cool Kids Are Reuniting


(yes, yes I used a 10 year old picture. because they’re taking it back)

It’s been 5 years to the day (almost) since we last heard from The Cool Kids as a group. On July 12, 2011 the duo dropped their When Fish Ride Bicycles project. Then they went their separate ways, embarking on their own solo journeys. Sure, they’d reunite for tracks here and there, and guest on each other’s albums — but no official work as a group was ever released. Fans were sad, but we always held out hope for an official reunion. Well, it appears it’s finally happening. No false starts — it’s the real deal this time. At least that’s what Chuck Inglish just took to Twitter to announce.

In the Tweet proclamation, Sir Charles stated it was time for them to get back to business and reclaim what’s rightfully there’s. I agree. They’ve been missed, and the timing is perfect to jump back in the ring reunited. Hopefully DJ VIPJ is along for the ride as well.

There’s no word on when and where they’ll break ground on a new project, but I’m excited at the possibility of a tour.

Remember them? The one’s you bit your style from? Well, they’re back. Praise the Lord.

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Scanlous f/ Sir Michael Rocks & Martin $ky – Belly


Produced by Adot The God. Art by All Blck.

Inspired by Hype Williams classic film of the same name (yeah it’s a classic, don’t debate me on this), Scanlous’ new single “Belly” features two Chi City heavy hitters Martin $ky and Sir Michael Rocks for a wild ride — similar to Ike Love in Omaha. Who rolls dolo state to state? Scanlous does. Duh.

Enter the “Belly” of the beast below, and keep an open eye for Scan’s Double Fantasy due out later this year.

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On The Set: Saint Millie f/ Mano & Sir Michael Rocks – No Heauxs


“No Heauxs,” the obvious standout from Saint Millie’s recently released album, Adderall, got the video treatment. It was only right. Millie, Mano and Mikey (the Power M’s) were all on set, and got super designer with the look and feel of the bubbling track. This record could take off, and this vibrant video will likely give it the extra push it needs.

If you’ve yet to hear it, we suggest you check it out on the album now. For pictures from the video set, hit the jump.

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Video: Sir Michael Rocks – Kilo on Craigslist


Directed by Jimmy Regular

This song, title and concept should win some sort of award. It’s no secret that Sir Mike knows how to navigate the underworld — that’s clear from the crumbs he’s dropped in his lyrics for years. But how do you transfer your hustling into the digital era? Well, you take to Craigslist to push weight like weight, that’s how. What might seem bold to you is just a day’s work for Sir Michael.

So go over and peruse Craigslist — you just might find what you’re looking for. Double click that. Dealin’ ain’t dead it just moved to the web.

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