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On The Set: W.W.A. – No Reason


As we wait on the W.W.A.’s Straight Outta Chicago album, the quartet consisting of Sasha Go Hard, Lucci Vee, Katie Got Bandz and Chella H continue to churn out content. They recently got together to film their new video for “No Reason,” at various locations around the Chi including Complex 2010.

We’re not exactly sure when the collaborative album is dropping, but they hint that it will be very soon. Did you miss our interview with the W.W.A.? You should check it out here if so.

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Update: Now with a new vlog and footage below.

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FSD Feature: We Talk to W.W.A. About the Origins of the Group, New Project & More


A few weeks back, rap fans we’re surprised by the announcement of a new Chicago supergroup, W.W.A.. After all, it’s exciting when artists at the top of their games decide to come together and focus their efforts on one common goal. Over the years, many Chicago supergroups have been formed (Blaxploitation, United Center), but few (read: none) have seen a project through to completion. It’s a rarity. But W.W.A. vows to change that.

What is W.W.A. you ask? Well, it’s a new collective made up of some of the Chi’s most notable female emcees: Chella H, Sasha Go Hard, Katie Got Bandz and Lucci Vee. Women With Attidues. Yes, this quartet (of sorts) has decided to put their egos to the side to form a powerful group that fashion themselves the modern day N.W.A. And with all of the buzz surrounding the Straight Outta Compton film, their Straight Outta Chicago project has landed at the best moment possible. Perfect timing.

We figured the FSD readers would be intrigued as to how this group came together, so we decided to sit down with Sasha, Chella and Lucci to learn about the origins of the collective. We discuss their formation, what’s in store for the project, absent female emcees and much more. It’s required reading. Trust us.

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Video: Angelenah f/ Katie Got Bandz – Bandz All On Me

WWA and the #RapperChicks together on the same track? It was bound to happen at some point. Yeah, it’s all about unity in the Chi, and two of our favorites connect for the eye-catching new video for “Bandz All On Me.” Looks like they had a ball filming it, and it bleeds through in the finished product. Get your Bandz up above.

Keep an eye out for Ms. Davanport’s new EP due out later this year.

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Video: WWA [Katie Got Bandz, Chella H, Sasha Go Hard & Lucci Vee] – Straight Outta Chicago

Directed by APJ Films

The debut video from the newly formed Chicago supergroup WWA is here. Chella, Katie, Sasha and Lucci, and they’re “Straight Outta Chicago.” The track naturally flips the NWA original, and has Emmaculate playing Dr. Dre’s role behind the boards. It’s a 2015 spin on a 1988 classic — and just in time for the release of the NWA biopic tomorrow. Synergy!


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Meet WWA, Chicago’s New Supergroup with Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, Chella H & Lucci Vee

Directed by Forman James

World meet WWA, the new Chicago all-female supergroup, which includes Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, Chella H and Lucci Vee. Yes, this is a real project, with distribution. A few songs have already been recorded, and the quartet is even shooting their debut video today. So meet the group in the video above. Sure, you know them as solo artists, but there’s power in numbers, so see how Women With Attitudes came about. This is part one of their vlog series.

Straight Outta Chicago coming soon.

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