Katie Got Bandz


New Project: Katie Got Bandz – Zero to 39th


Hosted by Rich Laurel

KATIIIIE! Ms. Got Bandz is back with a new mixtape for the people, as if she ever stops working. Zero to 39th is 13 tracks deep and features production from Blockondatrakk, DGainz, Lex Luger and C-Sick. It’s an action packed offering, featuring a whole slew of turn up anthems and motivation music.

See how quick fast she goes from Zero to 39th below. Top speed, ya heard?

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Video: Katie Got Bandz – Lil Bitch Pt. 2 / Intro

Directed by RayyMoneyyy

Uh oh. Who pissed Katie off this time? The first “Lil Bitch” was filled with bars of fury, and Katie is back throwing haymakers and uppercuts with the second installment, “Lil Bitch Pt. 2.” Who is she popping shots at? Is it you?

The video serves as a split clip, however, as the second half is the intro to her new mixtape, 0 to 39th, which drops tomorrow right here on FSD. The project includes 13 new tracks and is hosted by Rick Laurel. DGainz, C-Sick and Block are all involved — and you can now check out the cover art and track list below.

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