100 Great Chicago Rap Songs Of 2012

| December 5, 2012 | 26 Comments

Words by Ty Kidd (@TYKIDD), Alex Russell (@andfeedingyou), Bryant Bowens (@arete88), Marisol Vélez (@pinqyring) , Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive)

If you’ve been following the Chicago rap scene in 2012, you know the story by now. There were close to a dozen major label signings. There were good times and there were bad. Chief Keef came out of nowhere and in less than a year went from an unknown teenager to having an album on shelves by way of Interscope. Crews like SaveMoney, Treated and GBE popped up and made waves despite having no major backing (at the beginning at least). Producers like Young Chop, Million $ Mano, Thelonious Martin and C-Sick grabbed placements with blue chip rappers. Headlines were made, opinions were voiced, but there’s no denying that this one was exciting year for Chicago Hip-Hop. Love it or hate it, it got your attention.

If you were to look at the year end lists from the ghost of FSD’s past, you’ll notice 2012’s includes a slew of new faces. 2012 was undoubtedly the year of unheard voices making names for themselves in an overcrowded market. A lof of these kids used the internet to their advantage, becoming instant stars on YouTube and Soundcloud. Did it work for everyone? No. But it did prove that music consumption is rapidly changing. No longer were these rappers chasing the labels, the labels were now seeking them out. Many took control of their own destiny — including a handful of Chi City vets.

With so much content being released, there was probably quite a bit of music you missed — some may have never even hit your radar. So we wanted to do a recap and highlight some of our favorite Chicago rap records of the year with 100 Great Chicago Rap Songs of 2012. Now, don’t spend too much time worrying about numerical order, just enjoy reading and listening. Hopefully you’ll find something dope that you missed, and revisit forgotten gems.

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  1. drocitysnow says:

    you gotta click 100 times to see the list huh?

  2. Jay says:

    Wheres Jaye and Ab-soul’s “gods”

  3. KB says:


  4. Thirsty says:

    You gotta be kidding me with this click-bait bullshit fam. At least give me the OPTION to view it as a list. I honestly thought this was a real nigga site and you over doing this shit. DISAPPOINTED AND DEF NOT READING THIS FUCKASS ARTICLE CUZ OF THIS.

  5. LaTrice says:

    Who in the hell came up with this list? You have a lot of unknown and don’t deserve to be up here songs and S.Dot songs not on here…A lie!!

  6. BiggiesWarning says:

    I gave up after 10 clicks. The energy wasted just clicking on this doesn’t rectify the amount of snoozers listed. If the top ten listed here is supposed to be the best we had to offer then Chicago had a pretty mediocre year.

  7. KB says:


  8. OHREALLY says:

    100 clicks nooootttttt!

  9. Phillinois says:

    Can I get all the songs in one download link or something???

  10. Trav Vigilante says:

    C’mon man y’all made a bunch of mistakes da 1st 1 – 40 sum bullshit mufukas Neva heard of Whr da fuck M.I.C at?? Sumbody need to do dis shit over who really no about MUSIC



  12. Davy Greenberg says:

    man! Shout out to Tink! “Fingers Up” is the Jammy Jam. There’s gotta be a better browsing system tho…like, an arrow or something? :-/

  13. 2cold says:

    this list is azzzzzzzz…….. where is S.DOT

  14. BlackSmoke says:

    100 OF THE MOST TRASH BAG ASS RAPPERS CHICAGO HAS TO OFFER. I’m glad this coonery ass foolery hasn’t hit the airwaves cause it’s already saturated enough with this trash.

  15. MyHonestOpinion says:

    I must say, I spent a LONG time listening to all these artists to be on a fair note before commenting, but I must say, 80% of this list is hot garbage, just my opinion. I am 100% for indie artists but if you’re putting in that much time to make music, please come with a little more substance! Even if you’re rocking your party anthems or trapping out, you can still come with something a bit more well rounded and thought out. I’ve heard a shit load of amazing indie artists out of Chicago this year and I’m sad to see that literally two or three of them are on this list

  16. PoPimp85 says:

    I’m bias to begin with, because I grew up on CWAL and Chicago music of the same in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. So, it’s immediately hard for me to enjoy most of this music, but there are some gems from time to time, so I give it a listen. But, this list, and 99.9% of the tracks on this list were garbage in my opinion. They pretty much all sound the same with no substance. I don’t know what happened to Chicago rap/hip hop, but I want it back.

  17. Boogie says:

    What a fuckin joke of a list. It should’ve been called “the latest ignorant chi-town ghetto bullshit” list. How can you listen to this trash?

  18. Man I ain’t finna click that shit 100 times, but I will say Hip-Hop’s been riding Chicago’s dick a lot lately.

  19. Yo! says:

    Where Is Kenlo Key?! Tragedy Tha Beast?! Red Button And The ISO Gang?! Good Vocation?! Jamal Mar?!

  20. Taji says:

    Ahaa… if you think I’m gonna click 100 times for garbage? Pissed myself laffing You got another thing coming.

  21. Murda Lane says:

    Andrew you dont know shit about the chi..you fufu fam rns we dont fuck you Grade A Lame

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    • Ricky Dicky says:

      Sounds interesting i hope this label makes it far its this kid from Chicago that goes by the name of pharoah he doesn’t have much publicity but is one of the most lyrical and talented artist iv’e heard from chicago yet i really think he’s going to be one of the greats i slipped up on some of his music on YouTube would you like me to send a link ?

  23. Avi Tetra says:

    Sativa or Indica???? ***KUSH KUSH KUSH*** , Maui , Purple , Candyland , Afghan , Sour OG 818 Headband etc

  24. S.Dot Fan says:

    So no S.dot? SMH weak ass list.

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